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In February 2018 the Fuel Policy Section of the Department of The Environment and Energy of the Australian Government released a draft regulation impact statement proposing improvements to fuel standards under the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000. These changes are designed to bring Australia’s fuel quality into line with international standards, to improve fuel quality to reduce noxious emissions, ensure engine operability and facilitate better engine technology.

MTAA and ASSCSA developed a response that outlined a preference for Option F (of the policy options proposed by Government) as it has the minimum impact on fuel retailers in terms of costs and disruption. MTAA and ASSCSA also sort assurances that any increased regulatory costs imposed as a result of changes to fuel standards will be borne by fuel manufacturers and suppliers to the fuel retail outlet and not the fuel retail outlet and that retail outlets will not be liable for the incorrect use of fuel due to consumer confusion in relation to changing fuel standards.

To access the Government’s Regulatory Impact Statement outlining the policy options proposed by Government please access the following link:Download . pdf 

To access MTAA’s submission to Government on changes to Australia’s fuel standards please access the following link: Download . pdf 

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