Australian Service Station
and Convenience Store Association (ASSCSA)
A National Industry Sector Committee of the Motor Trades Association of Australia


Australian Service Station and Convenience Store Association (ASSCSA)


The Australia Service Station and Convenience Store Association (ASSCSA) is one of the National Industry Sector Committees (NISC) that operates under the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA). With representatives from each of MTAA’s state member associations, ASSCSA represents the interests of Australian fuel retailing businesses at a national level. MTAA and ASSCSA are active in preventing the miss use of market power by supermarket chains and other franchisors from unfairly exploiting their dominant market position. For example, MTAA and ASSCSA played a key role in reducing the ability of supermarkets to use shop-a-docket schemes to unfairly reduce fuel costs to a level that was unsustainable for independent fuel retailers. MTAA and ASSCSA also advocates to government to better address the growing fuel theft problem and to increase penalties for perpetrators.

ASSCSA’s Mission

Proactively, effectively and efficiently represent and protect the interests of Australian service station and convenience store industry members of Motor Trades Associations and Automobile Chambers of Commerce and through them the Australian Service Station and Convenience Store Association (ASSCSA).

ASSCSA in Context

The Australian fuel retailing industry (service station and convenience store industry) is an important part of the Australian automotive sector, the nation’s largest small business sector,and is responsible for the professional supply of fuel retailing services in accordance with required laws and regulations.

Thousands of Australians are employed within the fuel retailing industry and the issue of competition is of critical importance to independent retailers and consumers alike. ASSCSA and MTAA have played (and continue to do so) a critical role in addressing the dominance of the supermarket giants and other market players to ensure independent fuel retailers survive.

Key Stakeholders

Automotive service station and convenience store business owners and members, petroleum product manufacturers and wholesalers, other convenience store product suppliers, State and Federal Governments (i.e. ACCC, Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman etc.), supermarket chains and consumers (automotive owners).

ASSCSA's Strategic Plan

In order to progress advocacy efforts, ASSCSA have formulated a strategic plan that outlines its activities in 2018. The strategic plan was developed after extensive analysis and endorsed and amended by ASSCSA members.

Please follow the link to ASSCSA 2018 Strategic Plan:  Download .pdf

Who We Are

ASSCSA membership includes an industry delegate from each of MTAA’s member state and territory association who represent service station and convenience store retailers from each individual state and territory. Each MTAA member association provides a representative to support the industry delegate when determining national advocacy activities.

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